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You enjoy the simpler things in life, don’t you? Us too. Well that’s why we have a whole section here on Casino Dames dedicated to a wide array of the best scratchcard themes on the market.

So, you can forget the stress of online slots and casino games, by winning instant cash in any one of these inventive games with just the shake of a mouse or a swipe of a finger.

We love online scratchards here at Casino Dames because who really wants to go all the way to the shop and scratch away at a blank boring card with the slim chance of winning some cash? Not us! We’re all about the easy life and that’s why you can now open your desktop or mobile device and pop in a deposit and scratch away…No more worrying about those new nails ladies!

Changing Scratchards Forever!

If you love scratchcards and adore all the jazzy, cool themes that appear across the slots section then this is the perfect place for you. Many of our online slot games replicate the same themes that our scratchards selection has, that way you can enjoy a variety of themes either in the slots game mode or scratchard game mode.

You can expect to win huge cash prizes from these scratchcards too, with the return rate on many of our cards being high, this will also reduce the amount of cash you may lose on stakes. The high definition graphics certainly do the concept of the themes justice, the bright and more colourful themes will be gleaming off your screen, a nice clear view in comparison to those boring old ones you can buy down at your local shop. Why not try the classic Foxin’ Wins scratchcard and see what the rich foxy has in store for you today in his sensational casino saga?

Most of the Scratchcards will come in the form of a 3x3 grid, revealing 9 symbols. Matching 3 symbols will win you a cash prize, remember this is not an online slot game so it can be in any order at all. Keeping to the roots of the traditional scratchards, you have the option of choosing whether you wish to reveal all at once or individually, and there are no fixed pay lines or patterns that will generate prizes, simply keeping the standard scratchcard basis. The only thing you can expect to be new for those making the smart transition from shop scratchards, is the beauty of bonus rounds, keep an eye out for them and bag yourself some more cash!


This is arguably the second most popular game mode on Casino Dames, the simplistic approach that it offers are welcoming to its players, scratchcards aren’t riddled with strategy such as table games and their purpose is to win you big cash from little stakes.

Scratchcards are somewhat of a lottery however we see them as so much more than that, we appreciate the variation of their themes and appearance and that’s why we believe that they have became so popular here on Casino Dames.

We understand that because this is an instant win game mode, it may attract players who have littler patience when it comes to winning. So, we must stress that although this is an instant win game mode, we can not guarantee that you will win every time regardless of your stake sum. This is still a scratchcard and although the probabilities of winning are increased, we need to remind you that the calculations system still works the same and will produce fair results. It really is the luck of the draw in this one, so if you’re feeling lucky come and have take a scratch once you’ve had a read of this marvellous games history.

Scratchcards History

Scratchcards were produced through randomization methods, in 1974 the Scientific Games Corporation based in the United States and led by John Koza and Daniel Bower, formed the first ever computer-generated lottery game, providing players with wins instantaneously.

By 198, Astro-Med in the Rhode Island had gained the U.S patent for the ticket. Years later in result of the technological up rise scratchcards had started to become digital and the first ever virtual card was live in 2010. These were gambling games which operated under Java and Macromedia flash, this stimulated the process of scratching a card on a computer. These virtual cards were available to buy over the internet, where you could also collect cash prizes just like here on Casino Dames.