Mega Jackpot: Star Lanterns

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Divine Fortune

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Mega Jackpots: Wolf Run

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Gong Xi Fa Cai


Ladies, it’s now your chance to hit the jackpot! Here on Casino Dames we have a fantastic range of progressive jackpot games for you to dig your heels into, if you’re a fan of our slot games you can expect to enjoy the same themes in the jackpot format. Leaving you satisfied with quirky themes and rewarding features as you conquer on your journey of attaining huge jackpot prizes.

Just like our slot games, our jackpot games are produced by leading gaming developers, so you can fully expect to immerse yourself in more high-quality gameplay by the likes of NetEnt, Microgaming, Eyecon and many more! It would be fair to say that we are huge admirers of Jackpot games here on Casino Dames and that’s why our collection of games doesn’t stop here, you can expect to see new jackpot games on our site every week, brand new fresh themes to provide you with new player experience and just another wonderful game for you to gain some extra cash with.


You’ll be delighted to know that we are committed to giving our players an enhanced gaming experience by making a demo mode accessible on not just our jackpot games but all our casino games. This way you can test our jackpot games first before playing with real money, we want you to feel comfortable when gaming with us before you raise the stakes.

Hey, if you aren’t a fan of jackpot games don’t worry as this is just one of five game types that we offer. Our slot games are very similar to our jackpots in terms of the themes and gameplay, this is a good option if you enjoy the themes but not the jackpot style. Or if you’re more of a traditional punter and simply want a good old game of blackjack, roulette or poker then you can play this in either live casino mode or normal.

Jackpots on Mobile

Casino Dames is designed to fit the mould of portable mobile devices such as iOS and Android, it’s crucial that our service is compatible with tablet devices too as we know just how popular these are in comparison to accessing our site on the bog-standard desktop.

You can also download our Casino Dames App on the devices listed above, to make accessing Casino Dames even easier! It must be noted that in no way shape or form is your gaming experience limited when using a mobile device, you will receive the same fluent quality as if you were playing on desktop.

Why not take advantage of our sites compatibility and play any of our jackpot games when you’re on the move, maybe you’re on a boring train ride and need a little kick to pass the time or perhaps you’re on your way for a night out and want to try and make a little extra cash buy smashing open one of our rewarding pots, whatever it may be, there’s a jackpot for everyone here on Casino Dames!

History of Jackpots

The term jackpot was first floating around in the 1870’s and first associated with the poker game “Jacks or Better.” When the game finishes, a player is unable to win if they have anything less than three of a kind or better. As the game ends, if they don’t hold anything that betters three of a kind or more, nobody wins. The hand is then re-dealt, this can see the pot increase rapidly over time, giving it the name ‘jackpot.’

Decades later after the term ‘jackpot’ was first being talked about, it became slang for “trouble with the law.” When the mid-20th century came around, it was being associated with “hit the jackpot” and “hitting the jackpot.” This saw the term go on to grow even more and be used for any form of big prize, gambling or non-gambling related.

The most popular jackpot games come in the form of lottery Jackpots, the United States based Powerball and Mega Millions are considered the biggest and most popular jackpot games to play. Powerball is responsible for the highest jackpot won of all time, on January 13th 2016 a jackpot of $1.6 billion was won by 3 people. It still stands at the top of the list to this day! If that doesn’t get you pumped for jackpot games, then we aren’t sure what will.